Nazi Japs Refuse to Put Blacks in Final Fantasy XVI

Snake Baker November 7, 2022

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Niche Gamer:

Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida was recently asked about the upcoming game’s “diversity,” where he was asked if there would be black or “people of color” in the game.

Yoshida noted this (via IGN) wouldn’t be the case, despite the team thinking about that possibility. Ultimately, the Final Fantasy XVI team decided against “diversity” because of “underlying geographical, technological, and geopolitical constraints of this setting”.

c/o IGN

in re: "In regards to diversity in the game, can we expect to see Black characters in Final Fantasy XVI, or people of color (non-white characters) in general?"

— Adrian Foster (Okaydrian) (@okaydrian) November 4, 2022

As most people are likely aware of at this point, Final Fantasy XVI is based around medieval Europe, which according to Yoshida, would “realistically never” be diverse compared to that of modern day Earth, or even their own other game in Final Fantasy XIV.

So the isolated nature of Valisthea, the name of the setting and world for the game, as well as its basis on historical and medieval Europe, kept them from wanting to do this.

He notes he understands this might disappoint some fans, but states that their diversity goes beyond appearance, noting the characters are “diverse in their natures, backgrounds, beliefs, personalities, and motivations.”

Ultimately though, those chose to keep away from creating ethnic diversity due to the setting, as even though the game and the world is fantasy, it is “also rooted in reality.”

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